Can you provide me contact information for a neighbor in my complex?

No, we do not share personal information. Board members have access to owners contact information but it cannot be used for personal use. We also will share information with law enforcement if requested.

If I have a grievance with a neighboring resident, do I have to put it in writing to your office or can I just call it in?
Our office requires all grievances in writing before we mail a courtesy notice to resident.

If I write in a grievance about a neighbor, will my letter stay anonymous ?
We will do our best to keep your letter anonymous but people have the right to know the evidence against them. Witnesses may remain anonymous if the association can independently verify violations through a board member or employee's first-hand report. If your association can develop sufficient evidence on its own, then the neighbor's identity is no longer needed for the hearing and does not need to be revealed to the accused.

Can anyone attend a Board of Directors meeting ?
Only deeded owners and the Association management team are allowed to attend board meetings. A majority vote of the directors can allow a non-member to be present. Please present your request in writing to our office.

What does my monthly Association assessment cover ?
Every Association covers different items, see your CC&R's to give you full details on what your assessments cover; what is owners responsibility and what is Associations responsibility.

Can I pay my HOA assessment payments online?
Yes. Go to On the left hand side click on HOA Online Payments and follow the prompts.

How can I find details on our next Board of Directors meeting ?
Management and your Board of Directors set your meetings for the entire year but due to changes in schedules, meetings sometimes have to be rescheduled to another day and time. Every owner will be notified 4 days before each meeting. For up to date details on the next Board of Directors meeting for your Association please contact our office.

Can I pay my monthly assessment in your office ?
All properties assessments are processed differently. Most payments should go directly to the bank so it is processed quickly and directly. Please contact our office to find out details on how best to pay your assessment.

Do I have to have a payment coupon to pay my assessment ?
To correctly process your assessment payment to the correct account you just have to make sure to always write your account number on your check. Contact our office to request your personal account number.